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Smart Charge Slips

Transforms payments from transactional to experiential thereby reaping rich dividends for businesses

Paper chargeslips are passé. Not only are they environmentally unfriendly, they fade, and usually find their way to the bottom of a waste basket. They do have the dubious distinction of having the most eyeballs on them right after a transaction. This provides a powerful window of opportunity for businesses and their marketing functions in particular, to communicate, engage, and monitor customer experience. With Ezetap’s Smart Charge Slips, business can gather customer feedback, upsell products and connect/engage with their customers. Smart Charge Slips allows businesses to customize contents with a range of visual, interactive, and user friendly widgets resulting in much higher click through rates.
Smart Charge Slips – Use case illustrations:

Mr. Pradeep is Customer Service Head of a large Online fashion brand. He constantly trains his delivery boys to ensure best experience for customers @ home delivery. He recently had many customers raising issues on the company social media page. This was causing him lots of anxiety. He wanted real-time customer satisfaction data in which customer involvement must be high so that participation is an adequate indicator. How can this be solved?

Ms. Kalyani is the Chief Marketing Officer of a large e-commerce brand. Her goal for the quarter is to sell more to the same customer and increase wallet share. She has been using all available communication inventory but have hit a wall now. She wants a targeted medium which will break clutter, customer finds engaging and which is easy to integrate and track. Is there a solution?  

Benefits of Smart Charge Slips

1. Elevates payment process from passive transaction to active participatory event
2. Competitive advantage to businesses as additional channels are utilized to engage with customers and deliver impactful marketing communication to its customers
3. Deep integration with your CRM resulting in one-view of the customer
4. Real-time visibility & control
5. Seamless, scalable integrations
To know more, please download the whitepaper on Smart Charge Slips

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