Accept any mode of digital payments, through any system


Android POS

Android smartphone cum mPOS terminal, integrated with printer to accept all modes of digital payments.

  • The power of an Android clubbed with business apps to create customised experiences
  • Can be deeply integrated into systems
  • Barcode scanner
  • Wireless desktop integration
  • Connectivity: 4G / 3G / Wi-Fi
Android POS Machine - Ezetap


Standalone integrated device that accepts digital payments without the support of an ancillary system.

  • Accept all payment forms as well as offer value added services
  • Connectivity via GPRS / 3G / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / USB
  • Sturdy hardware
  • Also works with online kiosks
Mini GPRS POS Machine - Ezetap


Sleek and handy, NFC enabled mPOS device that accepts digital payments with the help of Android smartphones.

  • Accept digital payments via your smartphone
  • Works with smartphones, kiosks and PCs
  • Connectivity via Bluetooth or USB
  • Long battery life
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Dust and dirt protective touch keypad
Accept Payments Through mPOS - Ezetap



Accept UPI payments on Ezetap's platform, rated to have one of the highest success rates for UPI transactions in the country, and also enable reconciliation and other VAS with ease. Ezetap provides a comprehensive set of UPI-on-delivery capabilities which include:

  1. Dynamic QR codes that the merchants or delivery agents can generate on request.
  2. Pre-generated QR codes with embedded transaction details and merchant information including GST, which can be printed on invoices or sent via email.
  3. UPI on SMS Pay where a customer can choose to pay via UPI through an ‘intent call’ to the UPI app of his/her choice or through UPI collect requests.
Payment Acceptance Through UPI - Ezetap UPI Payments


Payment links that are sent to the customers by merchants to facilitate zero-touch payments. Customers have the leeway to make payments according to the online payment method of their choice via a simple SMS link sent to their mobile no.

SMS Payment Solutions| Accept Payment Through SMS Link - Ezetap

Mobile Wallets

An array of mobile wallet partners that enable businesses to offer their customers the option to pay via the mobile wallet of their choice.

Make Payments Through Mobile Wallet - Ezetap Digital Wallets



With deep integration into the existing business infra, kiosks with payment modules help businesses to provide a complete payment solution for bill payments or even retail shopping.

Make Payments Through Kiosk Booth - Ezetap

There are multiple ways to accept payments including all digital payment acceptance via UPI, debit/credit cards, QR codes, SMS pay, e-wallets, and more. One can even record cash and cash and cheque transactions digitally on the Ezetap POS.
There are multiple contactless payment methods like UPI, QR codes, SMS Pay, e-wallets, and more that can be accepted through your Ezetap app on your smartphone. This is called an ePOS solution, which turns your phone into a POS. Call us on to know more about the same.
Though both mPOS and Android POS are great devices to accept digital payments, they have different use cases. mPOS is a light weight and mobile card swipe machine, which is easy to carry in the pocket. It processes all card payments and is ideal for small retail stores who want to accept card payments at low cost. Powered by Android, an Android POS allows you to use Android-based apps on the device itself. It comes with a built-in barcode scanner and a digital printer for paper receipts. It is ideal for retail stores, government organisations and enterprises that wish to offer a seamless customer experience.
At Ezetap, we have a range of best card swiping machines—mPOS, GPRS and Android POS! Our range of POS devices are such that they can be tailored to your business needs, and integrated with your existing systems, if need be. Each device works well in certain use cases, and comes as a package along with Ezetap app, that allows you to accept all payments with max security and speed, in a single place. Get in touch with us and our payments expert will help you choose the best-suited POS device to create the perfect payment experience for your business.
Accepting card payments fast-tracks the payment process and eliminates risks associated with cash management including leakage, cumbersome processes and process-related manual errors. A card transaction is fully digital and helps you keep track of your sales and transactions. More so, banks and brands often push card offers for customers to increase card usage, which helps you attract customers who are willing to avail these discounts and rewards.
Card swipe machines are built for ease. There are three ways to accepting card payments:
  • Swipe: Swipe the card through the magnetic-stripe card reader.
  • Tap: You can pay by bringing an NFC-enabled card close to the NFC-enabled POS card reader. For amounts below INR 5000, no PIN is needed.
  • Insert: You need to insert the card from the chip side to process the payment.
Here are a few things you must consider while choosing a card swiping machine for your business:
  • Security: The payment service provider must be PCI or EMV compliant for max security.
  • Acceptance: The device should accept all types of cards -Debit, Credit and be supported with an app that allows other contactless payments.
  • E-receipts: Choose devices which have e-receipts enabled
  • Cost Effective: Choose a machine which meets your needs while being cost effective.
Payment kiosks are a cost effective way for businesses and retail stores to add a revenue stream. They target customers always on the go and help in queue busting at the counters. Moreover, it enables faster checkout with digital payment methods like UPI, QR code, e-wallet and more.
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