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Ezetap’s EMI (equal monthly instalments) solution is a hassle-free feature through which businesses can easily offer their customers an option to convert a sale into EMI. Through this solution, merchants can upsell products and thereby increase sales. Ezetap’s EMI solution is facilitated through leading NBFCs, debit card and credit card issuing banks in the country.

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My Khaata

Customised for retailers across India, the My Khaata app allows businesses to easily record credit sales. Merchants can get a single view of all customer khaata balances. Balances get automatically adjusted upon payment and you can view the transaction history of your loyal customers anytime anywhere. Create khaata records in seconds and also send automated SMS notifications to customers whenever a transaction is made.


Dynamic currency conversion (DCC) or cardholder preferred currency is a technology with which the transaction amount swiped on a card is instantly converted to the currency of the card's country of issue, right at the point of sale. This feature aids international travellers and helps end customers immediately know the exchange rate.

Smart Charge slips

A digital charge slip or Ezetap’s smart charge slip is an intelligent message that replaces the traditional paper charge slips. This is also a marketing tool that allows businesses to gather customer feedback, engage with their audience, and upsell products and services.


One Device, Multiple Terminal IDs – Multi TID is a smart feature that allows businesses to process payment acceptance for multiple business entities using a single device. This helps businesses to manage their operations efficiently.

Split Settlement

Ezetap’s split settlement is a feature through which businesses can split the settlement of a single transaction into multiple entities or bank accounts. This drives operational efficiency as businesses need not worry about running a separate settlement process at their end.

Insights and Reports

Get regular and customised reports on your payment transactions and get a real time understanding of how sales is performing across different business units. With the help of these detailed reports, make strategic decisions about your business operations.


Enable your customers to redeem their accumulated loyalty points. This ensures a sense of loyalty among your customers, giving them more reasons to come back to your store.

My Rewards

My Rewards is a loyalty offering where merchants are offered cashbacks and brand vouchers for achieving specific bank goals based on the number of transactions or gross sales value. It improves sales by boosting monthly targets and helps keep track of daily sales progress. Merchants can choose from a range of reward options and benefit from lengthy reward validity periods. The rewards include vouchers from major brands and ecommerce websites.


Eze Wallet

Eze Wallet is an advanced virtual wallet solution integrated via an Android app that lets businesses and Government organisations simplify and digitise cash collections. With this solution, businesses and organisations can virtually add money to the bank account and the agent can adjust the wallet money against the cash collected. Eze Wallet is transparent, cost-effective, customisable, reduces cash leakage and enhances collection efficiency.


The My Khaata app/feature is a digital khaata (account) available on Ezetap’s all-in-one POS terminals. It enables retailers to keep a record of credit sales. The merchant can get a look at the khaata balances of all customers in a single view on this application. They can view the history of any customer anytime. My Khaata also allows the merchant to send an SMS notification to the customer when a transaction is done. It adds efficiency to your work and saves you the time of working out credit accounts manually.
A digital khaata is useful for small retail store owners who deal in credit sales. It saves time and brings in efficiency when keeping a record of customers’ credit sales. It lets the retailer create a separate digital account for each customer. With digital khaata you can accept digital payments remotely or at the point of sale. It lets the retailer save the personal information of customers such as their phone number, name, and also enables digital entries. A detailed summary of each customer transaction is maintained. Maintaining a book or register of records can be a risk but digital khaata keeps backup of all data. It auto-calculates the pending payment of each customer.
Dynamic currency conversion is a service provided by the merchant which lets you see a foreign credit card transaction as the currency of the card’s country of issue. The exchange rate is locked at the time of transaction and so the buyer and seller do not face an issue of changes in the exchange rate. It is easy to reconcile statements and there is real-time transparency on the amount spent.
This feature is helpful for international travellers and for businesses that deal with tourists. Travel agencies, travel agents, even hotels, shops, or retail stores at tourist spots, etc. can benefit from dynamic currency conversion. This feature is also known as cardholder preferred currency. It helps the merchant to improve customers’ experience and the services offered. The business owner earns profits from a portion of the foreign exchange rates and chargebacks are reduced. Overall, Dynamic currency conversion helps in increasing sales.
Smart charge slips, also known as e-receipts, are digital slips instead of paper slips. Smart charge slips are useful for a business in many ways. It saves paper, helps store data online, and keeps a record of each sale. Ezetap’s latest smart charge slip enables retailers to gather customer feedback, engage with customers, and upsell their products or services.
It helps businesses to offer a contactless process of payment and this improves customer experience. Using e-receipts is cost-effective as compared to using paper slips for business. It also helps you get customer feedback and gain more insights.
Multiple Terminal IDs allow retailers to accept payments from multiple entities using a single device. It helps retailers to manage operations efficiently. A multi-TID helps a business in many ways. Along with letting a business accept payments in any form, it has other benefits like:
  • Unified view and segregated reporting
  • Low operation costs
  • Better customer experience
  • Hassle-free payment solution
  • Better cash management
  • Seamless integration
Businesses might maintain more than one bank account. When they receive a payment from a single customer that has to be settled into different accounts, splitting it internally becomes a task for the business owner. Doing the split settlement manually can cause errors/miscalculations. Ezetap’s split settlement feature enables the conversion of a single transaction into multiple bank accounts or entities. It makes split settlement efficient and easy for you.
Getting customised reports of payment transactions and insights about the business performance is imperative for the growth of your business. Just knowing about the basic profit and loss is not enough these days. You should have an understanding of your customers, what’s trending in the market, and how you can capture more of the market. Here’s how insights and reports benefit your business:
  • Understanding how sales are performing across different business units
  • Strategising for next month according to the monthly report of the previous month
  • Insights help to make important marketing decisions about business operations
  • Get an insight of customer’s preferences and plan marketing accordingly
  • Know what’s in demand in the market
  • Helps understand what isn’t working for your business
  • Helps to target potential customers and retain the existing customers
  • You can try to maintain a balance between demand and supply
Being a loyal user offers rewards. Ezetap’s ‘My Rewards’ is designed to offer cashback and vouchers from various brands and e-commerce websites to retailers/users who achieve a specific goal. These goals are based on the number of transactions or gross sales value. ‘My Rewards’ encourages you to achieve your daily and monthly targets and work towards increasing your sales. You, as a business owner, can benefit by achieving monthly targets and keeping track of daily progress. With Ezetap you can choose from different options of rewards and get benefits from lengthy reward validity periods.
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