What is Ezetap's Integrated EMI Solution?

Integrated EMI solution by Ezetap is a unique payment solution for businesses looking for simple yet scalable Affordability Payment Solution for their customers.

Ezetap's EMI solution is integrated into your existing POS or payment solution. It enables businesses to offer their customers instant conversion of any transaction into Easy Monthly Instalment using Credit/Debit card or NBFC financing.

Features of Ezetap's EMI Solution

Integrated EMI

Enhance process efficiency by fast tracking any EMI transaction with our groundbreaking integrated EMI solution.

No Cost EMI

Increase your sales by offering no cost Brand EMI to your customers.

Brand Discounts and Cashback

Attract more customers by offering instant bank discounts and cashbacks.

Credit and Debit Card EMI

Make big-ticket purchases easy for your customers by offering instant EMI on their Debit and Credit cards.

NBFC Financing

Upsell your products by providing easy NBFC financing options to cardless customers.

Partner Banks
and NBFCs

EMI Calculator

Benefits of Ezetap's EMI Solution

Enhance efficiency

with EMI
integrated into your POS solution

Increase sales

with easy affordability solutions

Enhance customer experience

with streamlined payment process

Grow your business

with improved loyalty and retention

Increase average purchase value

by making big-ticket purchases affordable to your customers

Grow Your Business Using EMI

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