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Why Do Banks Choose Ezetap as Their Preferred Payment Partner?

Vineet Suneja   | Chief Revenue Officer

Oct 11, 2022

Why Banks Choose Ezetap As Their Payment Partner

While you may have noticed the quick digital transformation in the retail industry’s payment systems, other sectors haven’t been at par with the same. One of the sectors rapidly transforming this is the banking industry. While banks have transformed online banking services for the masses, on the other end of the spectrum, are retailers / business owners. Banks have realised that it would take way more than a mere corporate account to keep the retailers loyal. 

Thus, banks are working on building a plethora of value added services to retain their business customers.  India recorded 25 billion real-time online transactions in 2020 amidst the pandemic. Small businesses quickly had to upscale their payment solutions as the market competition increased, the banks saw this as an opportunity. What if banks could themselves offer businesses a comprehensive digital banking and payment solution?

With this rising opportunity there was a burning need for a partner, a strong technology player that could help banks cater to this need quickly. Ezetap helped bridge this gap by offering its payment solutions for the Bank partners. A platform payment solution that can be tailored to the needs of all bank merchants namely - retailers, large enterprises or government clients. While banks consider Ezetap as their strong tech partners, at Ezetap we consider banks as our partners for growth. With this partnership, banks get access to Ezetap’s technology, while Ezetap gets access to the bank's merchant base. With this outlook we develop solutions needed by our bank partners for their merchant ecosystem and we have been doing this successfully in India for the last ~10 years.


How Could Banks Offer Payment Solutions to Retailers? 

One of the ways banks could offer holistic solutions to merchants was through partnering with other parties that provided payments solutions for the retail industry. We, at Ezetap, took a deep dive into recognising the pain points of the retailers and the banks. It helped us understand how we could be the bank payment partner and enhance the services banks could provide to retailers. As a payments partner for banks, we tailor our solutions to quickly meet the needs of banks and bank’s merchants.  


What did this mean for the bank?  

We have successfully provided our payments technology and solutions to quite a few renowned banks in India. Our offerings as a bank partner have helped them build a better relationship with their retailer customer base. Banks could continue to focus on their core operations of banking for merchants while the services like payment solutions, value added services, etc.  could be handled by us. We not only fulfil their need for payment solutions but help them offer the same to their associated business/retail customers, which allow us to be the preferred payment partner for banks. Ezetap helps them develop, enhance and grow their services to the retail industry which makes them (banks) also a preferred choice for all retailers making it a win-win for all. 


Our platform solution for Bank and Bank retailers 

- Easy to Integrate Software 

Our intuitive platform is structured for deep software integration. Our dedicated team helps the banks to adopt these payment solutions with ease by allowing them to integrate this platform with their previous/existing system easily. The seamless software with easy-to-use features is indeed one of the best advantages for banks and their associated merchants.


- Configurable User Experiences

We offer solutions that can understand any business flow and can be customised as per the bank merchant’s requirements. Retail sector is getting ever competitive and always has a demanding customer base, it is imperative to have point of sale (POS) devices that offer flexibility if all payment modes. With our offerings, banks can provide retailers the ease of accepting Cash, Cheque, Debit/Credit Cards, UPI/QR-based payments, Wallets, and remote payments via SMS Pay. 


- Swift Payment Experience

Time is of essence to every customer, and speed is one of the most important factors today in every industry, especially payments. Banks understand that retailers need swift payment solutions for their business. Thus, they require softwares that helps make various payment processes faster, easier, and more efficient. As a payment partner of a bank, our solutions ensure zero downtime and a 99% transaction success rate of payments. 


- Bank Branded Solutions

When a bank partners with us we also ensure to provide them white labelled solutions i.e. complete bank branded products and solutions to the banks and their retailers. We have configurable applications and solutions that can easily be branded as per the partner bank’s requirement and this helps in keeping the brand consistency for our partner Bank. 


- Value Added Services 

Banks can now offer their merchant customers, value added services from Ezetap. For example, Ezetap’s My Khaata app is designed for retailers to keep a record of sales, get reports and insights, and more integrated features for smoother transactions. Our app also has features like in-app notifications, in-app training, auto reconciliation of invoices, transactions, and settlements, which allow merchants to go beyond regular payment acceptance and use the payment solution to actually grow their business.


- The Best Customer Support and Service 

We strive to provide the banks and their merchants  with the best of our services. Our team ensures help and resolution of any service related issues faced by the retailers of our bank partners, via our dedicated customer success managers who handle key accounts across the country. Also the retailers can reach our support systems via multiple channels like whatsapp, email, SMS and call anytime.  


How Ezetap Helps Banks to increase adoption of digital payments and engage better with the merchants ? 

Apart from the end to end payment solutions and range of features, we also provide exciting incentives to retailers that encourage the use of digital payments. We have multiple channels of communication including SMS, WhatsApp, In-app notification, messages and promos, which acts as a direct channel to communicate with the merchants, offer them customised plans, offer rewards, and even loan options. 

Ezetap provides best-in-class payment solutions to different institutions, retail industry, government bodies, banks, etc. Our partnership with renowned banks has made us one of the leading and most preferred bank payments partner. We aim to continue to excel in our partnerships with the banks in the industry and jointly develop payment solutions to help digital transformation of all bank merchants.


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