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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Kiosks at Your Retail Stores

Benefits of Kiosks at Your Retail Store

Chaitali Bhatia   | Director – Marketing Ezetap Mobile Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Jan 09, 2020


Being in a retail business, you must always be thinking of ways to increase your market share in this cut throat competitive age. The digital era has shortened customers attention span to that of a goldfish. So you constantly strive to find innovations in order to meet the needs of the digital age customers, who are always on the go and still need the best experience.

No matter which segment your business belongs to, one goal remains constant: increasing revenues but with minimal cost.

One of the most cost-effective ways of adding a new sales channel to your business is via unmanned Kiosks. It meets multiple needs in one go → enables cross-selling, increases sales revenue at low cost thus stimulating business growth.

If you are unable to decide whether you need kiosk machines or not, continue reading. We will explain why it could be a valuable business strategy for your retail business.

Benefits of adding Kiosk to your sales strategy

1) Faster Checkout

Self-service kiosk machines reduce the time consumed in sales processes. Kiosk is an unmanned solution, ideal for customers on the go. Due to its time-efficient delivery, you can also cut down on staff, which means a significant cut down on operational cost.

2) Any Language Support

The best feature of kiosks is that it can provide support in any language. So, if you are planning to install a kiosk machine in Bengaluru, you can integrate Kannada language in your payment kiosk. If you want a kiosk machine for the people living in Gujarat, you can integrate Gujarati language in your system. This helps you increase sales with a higher customer engagement due to region-focussed strategy.

3) A New Revenue Stream

As a modern retailer, you can install your brand kiosk anywhere within your store as a cross selling or up-selling strategy and even outside as a new sales channel. As a low-touch revenue model, this helps in boosting sales as your tech-savvy customer can shop and pay without the help of a sales attendant.

  • Up-selling strategy: Add a kiosk within your retail store for low ticket quick purchase items which can be picked on the go and help in increasing store sales.
  • New Sales Channel: You can even choose to add a kiosk at high footfall locations such as malls, airports, hotel lobbies, etc. to add a new revenue stream.
  • Cross-selling strategy: Place an accessories kiosk in a coffee shop to increase cross-sales of your one business segment into another.

4) Superior Experience for Digital Age Customers

An integrated payment kiosk is a highly convenient purchase point for a customer on the go. New age kiosks are integrated with payment solutions like that of Ezetap to allow payment acceptance of any kind, including new age payment modes such as UPI, wallets such as AmazonPay or PhonePe and Paytm. A new age seamless sales experience for digital customers.

5) Futuristic and Sustainable

If we witness new payment methods tomorrow, will you scrap the current kiosk and install an upgraded one? No, an integrated payment kiosk is future-proof,allowing you to accept any mode of digital payment that may come in the future as well. More so it is low on operational cost and helps you add a sales channel without the headache of adding any headcount that adds to your cost.

Use Case: Mi Express Kiosk for Xiaomi Accessory and phone sales

Mi Express Kiosk is a kiosk machine introduced as a new sales strategy by Xiaomi. They are the first tech brand to sell smartphones via kiosk/vending machines in India, wherein people can buy Xiaomi smartphones and mobile accessories, directly from the kiosk. The Xiaomi kiosk comes with integrated Ezetap payment solutions. The customers can pay via any payment mode such as credit cards, debit cards, cash and UPI. Due to backend integration with the servers, the transactions are recorded and reconciled end to end, making it a streamlined process.

With Mi Express Kiosk, we are trying to change how individuals perceive kiosk machines (vending machines for snacks). Any retail business such as food, technology, beverage, etc. can add kiosks to their sales strategy and add revenues at lower costs.

Kiosk facilitates both customer convenience and business growth. And we can support you in your strategy by providing integrated and future-proof payment solutions for all your innovative retail solutions. To know more about kiosk based sales, contact us at 1800 313 141516 (toll free), and our payment expert will assist you with a demo.


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