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6 Benefits of E-Receipts & Why Retailers Must Embrace It?

Anurag Rastogi   | Manager - Marketing Ezetap Mobile Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Nov 30, 2021

Benefits of Digital Receipts

Paper receipts have been with us for years! But, it is no news that it's difficult to store these important documents. Your customer needs to go through a heap of receipts to find the one you've been looking for. However, it's 2021, and like always technology has a solution—digital receipts!

Ever since digital receipts were introduced, it has not only helped the customers store this proof of payment, but it has also helped retailers to store sales data online. It is an efficient way to keep a record of every sale without cluttering your wallet. It also saves paper along with your time and energy in trying to organize it.

The Digital India campaign pushed the masses to make the best use of technology with contactless payments and electronic receipts.

If you're wondering how e-receipts can help your business, continue reading. This article illustrates the profitable benefits of offering digital charge slips.

This article will help you understand whether this digital transformation is important for your business!

But, let’s first understand what e-receipts are:

E-receipts a.k.a. Digital receipts or electronic receipts are nothing but proof of purchase / payment that can be shared via an email or SMS. It accelerates the whole payment process by eliminating this manual process that compels you to print two copies, one for the customer and one for yourself.


How Does E-Receipt Work?


For starters, digital receipts are processed through POS (Point of Sale). At the time of checkout, you can ask your customer whether they would like a print or digital receipt. Thanks to the unwanted surprises presented by the year 2020, people have been going digital for payments as well as receipts.

If the customer opts for a digital receipt, all you need to do is enter their email address or phone number into the system. A receipt will be sent to your customer automatically through the device.

Now, let’s take a look at how these electronic receipts are beneficial for your business!


Benefits of Digital Receipts/E-Receipts


1. Enables Contactless Experience

Social distancing has become the new norm, and this is exactly why the adoption of contactless payment methods soared. E-receipts go an extra mile and ensure full compliance.

Ensuring safety of ourselves and those around us is everyone's responsibility. And thus, equipping technology that facilitates contactless experience has become indispensable in this post COVID era. Use electronic receipts and eliminate the need of exchanging paper receipts at the till.


2. It Saves Time

A digital receipt also eliminates the several steps of printing a traditional receipt. Also, your customers do not have to worry about losing or storing oceans of receipts. Their smartphones are doing it for them.

In fact, customers have been purposely going to those retailers, who offer a digital receipt. It saves the hassle, the time, and is in line with the social distancing norm. Why wouldn't anyone go for it? And we are sure you don't want to lose a customer to changing times.


3. Digital Receipts Help Generate an Email List

Using E-receipts as a marketing tool is a no-brainer that helps any business generatie an email list. A list of email IDs or phone numbers can help any business build better customer relations as well as promote offers and products.

But retail businesses often fail to get the contact details of their audience. Well, e-receipts can be a profitable tool here. Since electronic receipts are shared through email or SMS, it gives you an opportunity to gather the necessary details without being obvious.


4. E-Receipts are Eco-Friendly

Digital receipts are a sustainable option. They help you cut down on paper. Paper receipts might not seem to be a considerable cause behind the environmental emergency, but allow me to explain the adversity in numbers.

One billion gallons of water and 10 million trees are sacrificed to make paper rolls for receipts. And to distribute these rolls, we waste over 250 million gallons of oil.

All of this, for a physical record of sale!

Of course, as compared to notebooks, newspapers, and textbooks, paper receipts are quite unobjectionable, but the former is unavoidable and recyclable. Traditional receipts are printed on thermal paper, thus cannot be recycled.


5. It is Cost-Effective

As a retailer, you might be aware that thermal paper rolls cost a fortune. And you need hundreds of them every month! Along with paper, businesses also need to shell out money on ink cartridges for printing.

With e-receipts, you can eliminate such unnecessary expenses! All you need is a Payment Service Provider who offers an end-to-end service that includes both hardware and software solutions.


6. E-Receipts Offer Instant Customer Feedback

Getting feedback from customers can improve your customer retention rate. However, gleaning this data can be a challenge. Through e-receipts, you can help your customers share their opinion. And when you receive feedback, the customer’s e-receipt will be attached to the same, helping you gain more insights. Knowing what they purchased and who ran the transaction can be instrumental while analysing customer feedback.


How to Get Started with Digital Receipts?

To offer digital charge slips, you need to go for an advanced swiping machine that supports e-receipts. At Ezetap, we offer an integrated payment solution, which enables you to process digital payments at all offline touchpoints. From GPRS to Android POS, we have a range of swiping machines that can help you sustain the digital evolution.


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