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Payment features to empower your business


Ezetap’s SDK is an integration kit through which Ezetap’s payment solution can be easily plugged into any mobile application. This allows businesses to accept payments through their own application without worrying about security or certification (PCI-DSS) implications. The Ezetap API can also help businesses to accept payments securely through their web interface.

Multi-Bank Acquiring

Ezetap’s multi-bank acquiring solution allows customer payment transactions to be routed to the respective issuing bank or the preferred acquiring partner. This offers businesses the best payment processing charges (merchant discount rate – MDR) and thereby optimises overall cost.

Multi Bank Acquiring - Ezetap

Auto Reconciliation

Automatic reconciliation is a payment feature from Ezetap that eliminates error-prone manual reconciliation. This also reduces reconciliation delays by streamlining all transactions (payment, billing, etc.) through a single inter-connected system.

Merchant Portal

Through the Merchant Portal, businesses can track payments in real-time and also receive valuable information on time, location, and other important details related to a business’ transaction history. Merchants can also conduct post transaction actions like void refund, etc. via this dedicated portal.

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