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Guide on Ezetap Android POS Machine

Anurag Rastogi   | Manager - Marketing Ezetap Mobile Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Feb 09, 2022

Guide On Ezetap Android POS Machine

Digital payments are on a never before rise in India with around 44 billion digital transactions recorded across the country in the financial year 2021. This data revealed how digital payments have increased over the past three years and how trends are evolving.

Demonetization followed by the pandemic had a significant impact on how people now want to avoid cash exchange these days and are preferring to go digital more and more.

Based on this growing trend, it is highly important for businesses to stay up-to-date with their payment processes to answer people's needs. Receiving payments using an efficient card swipe machine can make the whole process delightful for the customers, and also simpler and for the business.

Ezetap offers advanced point of sale (POS) devices that can suit the financial and functional requirements of every business of any scale.

The Ezetap Android POS is an advanced payments terminal designed to make your payment collection processes much smoother and smarter, thus helping your business grow.

Key features of the Android POS:


  1. Standalone device

    It is an advanced and smart POS terminal that is a standalone Android-integrated device. Powered with the latest Android OS, the Ezetap POS can work alone without any need for an additional device or system.

  2. Multiple payment modes

    With the advanced Ezetap Android POS, you can accept payments via all payment modes like card swipes (with PIN), tap and pay (in NFC-enabled cards), SMS links, QR code payment, or UPI.

    You can also accept payments via cash or cheques and maintain their record within the device.

  3. Smooth auto-settlement

    The device offers daily auto-settlement and reconciliations with itemized settlement reports that will ensure a pleasant payment journey for you as a merchant as well.

    In-built printer - It consists of a printer built within the device that can help you generate and share receipts instantly at the time of a transaction.

  4. Advanced connectivity

    Offers advanced seamless wireless connectivity that is secure, and fast with 4G, wi-fi, hotspot, or Bluetooth 4.0.

  5. Barcode scanner

    This swipe machine offers a 1D/2D barcode recognition feature with a 2MP rear-facing camera with optional 5MP rear-facing and 0.3MP front-facing cameras, along with an LED flashlight.

  6. Fingerprint scanner

    This biometric feature can enhance the security of the device. It contains a 256x360 pixel capacitive fingerprint scanner with 8-bit/256 level support for liveness detection.

  7. E-receipts

    Along with the power of printing instant receipts, you will also get the option of generating and sharing e-receipts or digital / paperless receipts with customers and for your own records, if the need arises.

Who can use the Ezetap Android POS?


The device is certified to global standards and ensures completely secure and encrypted payments. It can be used by businesses of any scale for accepting payments seamlessly.

It can help many businesses like food chains or restaurants, fashion, jewelry and other retail stores, petrol pumps, transportation businesses, educational institutions, etc.

The highly secure and convenient payment processes can not only help organize your transactions but will also delight your customers.

How to get Ezetap Android POS ?


You can easily get your Ezetap Android swipe machine by contacting us. We will guide you through the entire process. Simply get in touch with us and our support team will be happy to assist you.

Stay up to date with the latest trends and advancements to optimize sales in your business. Ezetap offers 24X7 customer support for quick and easy activation of the device. We will always be happy to guide you through the entire process to make your experience smooth and easy.


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