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Smarter Digital Payment Solution for Bangalore Traffic Police

In focus: Bangalore Traffic Police

Chaitali Bhatia   | Director – Marketing Ezetap Mobile Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Aug 21, 2018


Overview of Enabling Smoother, Smarter Citizen Services with Ezetap's Payment Solution

Traffic regulation and enforcement of road safety rules is a complex task in India, given the size of the population and increasing vehicular density on the Indian roads. Bangalore, with its booming IT industry and opportunities, has nearly 71 lakh registered vehicles, and witnessed an average of 25000 traffic violations per day, uptil November 2017 . With statistics like those, traffic woes in Bangalore often disrupt city life and endanger citizen safety, directly impacting citizen welfare – the primary goal of the traffic police.

Managing the worst traffic jams of the country, the Bangalore traffic police is faced with myriad complexities. To add to that, inefficiencies resulting from issues of cash handling, manual reconciliation and recording of challans, penalty evasions, lack of transparency increase made it hard for the Bangalore traffic police to deliver their duties effectively. The time spent in dealing with the inefficiencies, could potentially be spent on better regulation of traffic flow.


Driving ‘Digital India’ for Bangalore Traffic Police

As focus on ‘Digital India’ intensified, and cash flow in the country took a hit after demonetisation, the need for digital payments became immediate and pressing. Bangalore Traffic Police needed a technology partner who could deliver a simple, effective solution to digitise their collections process and enable the department to deliver citizen services effectively.

Ezetap’s integrated payment solution, a combination of made in India hardware and software, equipped for ‘Universal Payment Acceptance’, was implemented to drive the Digital India movement across the Traffic Police department in the city.

Ezetap’s Universal Payment Acceptance platform is a smart, simple end-to-end payments platform, which is unique in its vision and architecture. The platform allows the traffic police to record, generate and print challans, accept digital payments, as well as get a real-time view of all the fines issued, all in one place. The Bangalore Traffic police is now able to collect fines anytime, anywhere and via any payment mode including Card – Debit and Credit, Mobile Wallets, Aadhar, UPI and Bharat QR or any that may come in the future. With Ezetap solution, the process of fine collection was not only made convenient both for the Bangalore Traffic Police and the citizens but also made efficient.

Ezetap End-toEnd Payment Solution at Work

The Ezetap devices carried by the Bangalore Traffic police are pre-installed with an E-challan App, which has been developed in partnership with Telebrahma. The E-challan App allows digital recording of fines, notices or vehicle tow aways. The offenders’ details are recorded on the app and prior offenses against the offender, if any, can be retrieved. To issue a fine, the violation is selected from among a pre-fed list, and the amount of fine to be collected is automatically displayed. For payment collection, the traffic police is able to choose the mode of payment from among – Cash, Card, Mobile Wallet, UPI, Aadhar or Bharat QR. The payment information is automatically updated in the system and reconciled with the challan data in the app. On receipt of payment, a confirmation message is sent to offender’s mobile number along with the details of the violation.In case the offender is in a hurry or wants to pay at a later time, the policeman can send an SMS payment link, through which the payment can be made remotely at a later point in time.

Ezetap: Single Platform, Multiple Benefits

By enabling the digitisation of fine collection process for the Bangalore Traffic Police, Ezetap enabled the department to achieve its aim of providing superior citizen services effectively in the following manner:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: With digital recording of fines, digital payment acceptance, automated split- settlements and auto-reconciliation, the inefficiencies arising from manual work such as filing of challans and cash handling were eliminated. As the process of fine collection became quicker with e-recording and collection of fines, the total time spent on penalising offenders reduced. More time was available per policeman which could be utilised for better management of traffic and regulation of flow.
  • Reduced Evasions: Multiple payment options offer convenience of any type, anytime and anywhere payment to offenders, reducing the probability of evasions and thereby increasing the percentage of fine collections to the number of notices issued
  • More Transparency: Access to centralised, real-time data on violations and collections, increased the transparency in the system and allowed for better control over and planned optimisation of resources. Insights drawn from collection data such as peak collection time (day or month-wise), and area-wise collections helped in planning resource deployments as well as targeted awareness campaigns

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