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SMS Payment Solutions: A Comprehensive Guide

Feb 04, 2022

Guide on SMS Payment Solutions

With the increasingly popular trend of digital payments, SMS payment is becoming one common and efficient way for making and receiving payments in businesses.

It is also one of the contactless or zero-touch modes of transaction that is attracting customers more these days due to the need for physical distancing and hygiene.

What exactly is an SMS Payment?

An SMS payment is a way of making a payment in which the merchant sends a payment link via SMS (also known as an SMS payment link) to the customer. The customer can simply click on this link and make the payment as per their own choice of payment method.

Customers, in general, accept SMS payments due to their ease of use and security. Let us read further to understand the benefits and areas where SMS payments can be used.

Benefits of SMS Payment Solutions

There can be many advantages both for the customers as well as for the merchant or business like:

  1. An SMS payment is a quick and easy way of making payment, hence, it increases customer delight.
  2. The customer does not need to enter all details repeatedly like account name, card number, etc. Not only does it increase ease of use, but it also reduces the chances of human errors.
  3. It is a completely secure way of payment with no exchange of card, pin, or password.
  4. For a business, a transaction using an SMS payment link can be a very efficient way of accepting payments from customers who are not carrying any cash or card.
  5. Customers do not need a credit or debit card, or for that matter, even a bank account to be able to accept SMS payments. And this can increase the chances of sales to a wide segment of the population.
  6. Merchants can send discounts and offers to customers along with follow-up transactional messages.
  7. It is not only a convenient way of payment for customers but also a simple and easy way of payment acceptance and can be achieved by basic integration.

Also to know more you can read our blog on benefits of SMS payment

Where can SMS Payment be used

SMS payments can be especially beneficial to retailers, especially those who sell items with low value but more frequency.

They can also be used by companies where customers need to make recurring payments like monthly subscriptions. The customers can then easily make the payments without having to go through long processes each time.

Choose SMS Payment for a wider reach

Phone payments are becoming more and more prevalent owing to the penetration of mobile phones in greater segments of the country. The feature of receiving an SMS is basic in mobile phones and works well on feature phones and smartphones. And the fact that there is not even any need for having a bank account can mean a great deal of possibility for the business to receive payments from their customers.

We at Ezetap provide easy SMS payment solutions and all that you need to know regarding integration and usage. Feel free to contact us to sail your SMS payment journey ahead!


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