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Ezetap’s Mini GPRS Machine For Your Business

Roma Hotwani   | SEO Consultant

Jan 18, 2022

Ezetap’s Mini GPRS POS Machine

Digital payment is an emerging mode of accepting payments for all businesses. Cash transactions have drastically reduced after demonetization. Furthermore, with the increased awareness about social distancing, post pandemic, people want to avoid cash and any physical transactions. Digital payments using a card swipe machine can make payments simpler and efficient for businesses.

The earlier GPRS based swipe machines were bulky and inconvenient. Ezetap offers advanced point of sale (POS) devices that are handy, sleek and much more convenient to use.

The Mini GPRS machine from Ezetap is a high spec device that is designed to help streamline payments and help businesses grow.

Here are some features of the Ezetap Mini GPRS:

-It is a wireless POS terminal, i.e. standalone device with complete portability

-Connects using a SIM without the need of cables or wires

-It is aesthetically designed, and easy to use device

-Entails low cost of maintenance and ownership

-Dust and dirt resistant touch keypad

-Long battery life

Benefits of the Ezetap Mini GPRS POS machine:

The Ezetap Mini GPRS is an ultra portable and user-friendly device that integrates all payment acceptance into one. It offers daily auto-settlement and reconciliation with itemized settlement reports. This mini GPRS machine is a printer-less device, hence the changeover to eReceipts by going green and saving the hassle of storing paper receipts.

The device is certified to global standards and ensures completely secure and encrypted payments.

Who can use the Ezetap Mini GPRS swipe machine?

The Ezetap Mini GPRS is a value addition to any business for accepting payments seamlessly. It can help retail store owners, service providers and all doorstep agents to collect payments on the go. The smooth solution offered by Ezetap Mini GPRS not only helps organize the merchant’s payment processes but also delights the customers because of its ease of use and swift payment processing.

Know how to get your Ezetap POS machine

You can sign-up for the Ezetap Mini GPRS by providing some basic documents such as:

  1. Pan card (card of proprietor or self employed owner). In case of a registered limited company, the pan card of the company is also needed.
  2. Business proof (registration certificate, GST certificate, VAT certificate, rent lease agreement or a professional certificate)
  3. Residence address proof of the proprietor, director or partner (any one of Aadhar card, utility or telephone bill of less than 2 months, passport, voter ID, ration card, or driving license, will be sufficient)
  4. A canceled cheque

Simply get in touch with us and our support team will be happy to assist you.

Keep your business up to date with latest advancements to optimize sales. Ezetap offers 24X7 customer support for quick and easy activation of the device. Our help desk can guide you through the entire process to make your experience smooth and easy.


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