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Go Paperless with Ezetap’s Mini Android POS

Chaitali Bhatia   | Director – Marketing Ezetap Mobile Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Jan 18, 2022

Features & Benefits of Ezetap’s Mini Android POS

When we think of receiving payments digitally, we often think of bulky devices with printer machines, giving paper receipts! Say goodbye to any of those space-consuming machines and printed paper charge slips to welcome the printerless Mini Android POS.

The Ezetap Mini Android POS is a next gen Android POS machine – sleek, handy, smart, and technologically advanced paperless device that elevates the whole payment experience of your business. Now you don't have to wait for a customer to say no to a paper receipt - Offer them a digital receipt instead.

Mini Android POS is an all new android based printerless device with all features of the Android POS. Let us take a closer look at all the details of this device.

Know more about the features of Ezetap Mini Android POS Machine

This smart mini Android POS device is powered by Android 8.1 and has some striking features:

  1. Go Paperless with Digital Receipts

    After accepting a payment, digital or e-receipts are generated that can be sent to customers on their mobile number and kept as a digital record with the merchant. This advanced feature not only makes this device eco-friendly, but also eliminates the hassle of maintaining paper receipts both by the customer or the merchant.

  2. Smooth Wireless Connectivity

    You can connect your mini device easily via 4G, wi-fi, or Bluetooth. It comes with a SIM slot with option of inserting up to two sims, or one sim and one micro SD card. Now accept payments on the go - Anywhere in store or at customer’s doorstep.

  3. Front and Rear Cameras

    The device has a 2 to 5MP rear camera and a 0.3MP front camera. The cameras can be used for payments by taking pictures, scanning to identify or recognize files, as well as reading barcodes etc.

  4. Large HD Display and Minimal Keys

    The display is large and clear, 4.5” High Definition with a multipoint capacitive HD touch screen. There are a total of only 4 keys present on the device - for power on/off, volume up, volume down, and scan button. The overall appearance of this device is very sleek, smart and pretty much like a smartphone.

  5. Memory and Battery

    It consists of 8GB eMMC flash with 1GB RAM making it a faster tool for accepting payments. It also consists of a slot for extended micro SD card of up to 128GB.

  6. Card Readers

    The device can accept card payments via both - swiping and contactless methods. There is a slot at the bottom of the device for card insertion and in case of an NFC-enabled card, tap and pay can be done by simply touching or tapping the card over the display surface of the device.

  7. Choose Preferred Language

    Now you can choose Hindi or English as your preferred language for using the device by a simple click.

Here’s how Ezetap’s Mini Android POS Machine can benefit your business

This advanced mini mPOS device can bring many benefits to your business.

  1. Sleek and Handy

    The device is sleek and looks just like a handy mobile phone. It is super portable and does not occupy any crucial counter space. Since the device is paperless, all the bulk that is required for inserting a paper roll in a machine is removed from this device, ensuring a smart and sleek mPOS device on the go.

  2. Lightweight and Mobile

    A device designed with no printer makes it extremely light weight, almost like a mobile phone, easier to carry around in your pocket and to the customers doorstep for delivery and payment collection.

  3. Cost Effective and Efficient

    A digital receipt is instant and faster and has zero problem of storage. Moreover they are more effective from a reconciliation perspective, as you don't have to spend time on going through paper receipts for reconciliation, and can rely on long lasting digital receipts. As you go green with paperless receipts, you also eliminate the need for paper rolls.

  4. Tracking and Reconciliations

    Now you can track all your payments (even the ones received in cash or cheques!) easily within your device. Unlike paper receipts where reconciliations are a big hassle, the Ezetap Mini Android POS offers digital records and tracking that can help you with effortless reconciliations at the end of each day. Auto-settlements are done to your account in T+1 days automatically.

  5. Low Logistics Maintenance

    With the advanced paperless receipt technology, you do not need to worry about ordering and waiting for paper rolls, collecting and storing receipts, etc. Just turn on your device and get started anytime anywhere!

  6. Multiple Payment Modes

    You can accept and record payments on this device using swipe cards, tap and pay cards, scanning barcodes, SMS pay links, sodexo, cheques, and even cash.

  7. Easy Integration

    You can integrate this Ezetap POS machine Mini Android POS with any existing complex app or systems that you may have in your business. The device also comes with the EzeBiz app interface that can help scale up your business.

See the video to know how you can receive payments on this smart POS machine:

Where can Ezetap Mini Android POS Machine be used?

The Ezetap machine Mini Android POS is a value addition to any business for accepting payments seamlessly.

This portable device can be used for all retail sectors and service providers including restaurants, grocery stores or any shops, travel businesses, doorstep services and collections, etc.

The smooth solution offered by this smart device not only helps organize the merchant’s payment processes, but also delights the customers because of its ease and speed.

Feel free to connect with us to know more about the device and how you can get it. We have a dedicated customer support system that can guide you at every step of your digital payments journey so you have a smooth sail in your business.


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