Ezetap’s Digital Khaata book for Your Retail Business

Chaitali Bhatia   | Director – Marketing Ezetap Mobile Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Jan 05, 2021

Ezetap’s Digital Khaata book for Your Retail Business

As a retail store owner in India, you would need to keep a track of all types of sales—cash, digital, and credit. In fact, in most instances, you probably deal in udhaar sales and keep a udhaar khaata. Every fast food business, medical store, and grocery store has a list of customers that say, “Bhaiya, khaate mein likh dena.” (Friend, put it on my tab). And with that you are compelled to spend hours maintaining your physical register, entering day-to-day credit sales and sending reminders to your customers to clear their dues. And after all that effort you carry a risk of losing all this data incase of a physical damage to your khaata book!

Well, no more! Putting an end to the tedious process of maintaining physical ledgers is Ezetap in-app digital khaata feature! .

Ezetap's 'My Khaata' is a digital ledger for all your khaata needs.Let’s see how it works.

What is My Khaata?

My Khaata is a feature available on Ezetap’s all-in-one payment POS terminals. It was developed keeping in mind shopkeepers and their need for keeping a record of all credit sales. It saves you the hassle and the effort of manually searching for a person’s name and keeping a tab on his udhaar purchases, but it also adds efficiency to your otherwise cumbersome process of manual khaata recording! 

Features of My Khaata

1. Digital Record of Entries

One of the major drawbacks of manually maintaining a khaata register is chaos. One often loses track of entries made on papers and sometimes loses the physical register or paper itself. My Khaata eliminates the need for a physical entry book by allowing you to digitally create a unique account for each customer with their name and phone number. You can refer to these accounts, add khaata entries and check payments due for each customer.

2. Automated Calculations

My Khaata feature auto-calculates and provides a summary of pending payment for each customer. This saves time and avoids errors.

3. Account Summary

With My Khaata you can see a detailed summary of each customer and their account with you. Along with simplifying the reconciliation process, it will enable you to track daily sales and business growth. Also, there are times when customers deny owing a certain amount, so you can generate a detailed report for every customer and offer an explanation on the net balance.


4. Cloud Storage of all Credit Records

Maintaining a book of records involves the risk of misplacing them. This can be a great loss for the business because if it's gone, you have lost the track of all your credit sales data. Ezetap’s My Khaata is digital and thus averts this contingency. It creates a backup of all data so you don't lose important information even if you lose your mobile.

5. Clear Dues Remotely

Most often you need to await the customers’ next visit to have your dues paid. No more! All you need to do is, send the customer an SMS payment link via the Ezetap POS/app. The customer can settle all outstanding dues through card, UPI, or e-wallet payment methods, and you can make a ‘clear dues’ entry in the customer’s khaata account.

6. Accept Digital Payments

Since My Khaata is offered to customers with Ezetap POS, you are not limited to cash/Khaata credit transactions. You can use all digital payment modes available including contactless payments to clear your customer’s debts, whether at the billing counter, remotely or at customers’ doorstep.

Who Can Use it?

The My Khaata feature is instrumental for any small/medium retail business that deals with credit sales. Hence, it is a must for businesses such as small shop owners including general stores, kirana shops, medical shops, food/chai stalls, and fruit/vegetable vendors.

We live in a technologically-driven fast-paced world where speed, versatility, and agility are pivotal to survive in today’s cut-throat competition. Ezetap’s all-in-one POS terminal and app, along with this new My Khaata feature can be a game changer for small businesses.

In case you want to know more about Ezetap POS or our digital Khaata feature, contact us at 1800-313-141516. Our team will be happy to assist you in choosing the right POS payment solutions for your business.


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